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Payroll and tax can be a minefield for professional contractors working overseas. Most countries have specific tax legislation to ensure that international contractors pay the correct amout of tax in the country in which they are doing the work. Maxipay International is able to help professional contractors to meet local requirements whilst retaining the highest possible amount of their contract income.

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Our experts are able to advise on contractor payroll and tax solutions in a number of countries. Our advice extends to registering for residence, visa applications, social security and health insurance as well as employment status and local tax rules.

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We can currently assist in a number of countries, the list is growing all of the time. If you are contracting in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus or the Netherlands don't risk falling foul of the local tax and social security rules, contact Maxipay International and join one of our compliant and user friendly payroll plans. email: for more details

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Maxipay International is a division of Maxipay Accounting Services, a company that has been providing payroll solutions to the contractor market since 2001. Our knowledgeable staff and corporate infrastructure will give you peace of mind as well as the highest possible cash retention rate.